Coupon Codes

How do I use a promotion/coupon code?

To redeem a promotion or coupon code, enter the code in the appropriate field on the Shopping Bag page. Be sure to enter the code with the exact spelling and capitalization as shown. You must click “redeem” in order for the discount to be applied. The discounted amount will be displayed on the Shopping Bag and Order Summary pages. If the code is invalid, expired or you have not placed the correct products in the shopping bag, a discount will not be applied.

How to use a Voucher/Gift Card?

The voucher can only be used by the Recipient. Promotion – Gift is not valid when purchasing a voucher. Promotion-Gift, is added automatically to the Recipient’s cart, if after deducting the value of the voucher, the order is over BGN 300.

How to use Promotion – Gift for purchase over EUR155?

The gift is automatically added to your cart if your order is over 155 euros.

The gift is added automatically after the use of vouchers and promo codes, if after deducting their value, the amount is over 155 euros.

A gift cannot be exchanged for another product.



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