The ISKRA brand is in the process of creating a partnership network and is currently seeking serious, creative and loyal business partners. What makes our brand stand out and differentiate itself from our competitors is our well established position as the market leader, as well as our extensive network of domestic and international clients.

We bring to your attention our proposal for an independent business partner, locally responsible for your city. Through this partnership project we would like to provide a wider customer access to Iskra’s creativity. The revenues, generated from this partnership program, are earned in the form of commissions, the amount of which depends on several criteria that you can get acquainted with on [email protected] , [email protected] .


The future partners will have to meet the following requirements:

– every business partner has to perform the services we offer in compliance with our established quality standards of work.

– the applicants for business partners of Iskra should have a clear vision and strategy for market development in the selected region.

– to advertise the brand in the social media sites of the representative/social media advertising of the brand done by the representative.


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