Shhh – Copy of the painting


What copy is?

Original painting is sold or painter keeps their original.
You can have the image printed on canvas, with the artists permission.

  • Print to the collage  Shhh -2012 year
  • Size: 100 x 150 cm
  • Technique : Collage
  • Rolled canvas prints, no stretcher
  • Each copy is personally signed by the painter Iskra Georgieva
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“Shhh…!” was created over a book…and by paper…

My inspiration was born from the book and from the territory of pleasure and eroticism…”

You will see things, hidden up to now in the safety vaults of the big museums and in the studies of the private collectors. You will see also “forbidden pictures”, denied up to now by our cultural circle.

These pictures allow us a free and because of that an even more impressionable look at something, that has always been a part of human nature”.

“To present love poetically, in a spirit of invention and passionately, is correct, and corresponds to the phylosophy of religion”.

For more than 30 years examples of erotic art have been gathered in this book.

I decided to summerize these images into a picture, so that the eyes – the most sensitive organ of eroticism – could judge whether that is an “art or pornography, sex urge or Eros, shamelessness or eccentricity”. To try to find their definition of Erotic art…

This is the perusal of my picture “Shhht” in details from close by.

” Art is never virtuous, it should be kept away from innocent ignorants.

People, that are not prepared enough to confront it, should not be left alone with it. Yes, art is dangerous…

Being immaculate, it is not Art anymore”…

” Art speaks, if there is a subject to speak to”…”Shhh…