World Jewelry Facets, an initiative of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is a creative platform that aims to present the best of contemporary jewelry design on a global scale. It represents both a celebration of the glamour and versatility of superior quality crystal from Swarovski and a tribute to the technical mastery and creative vision of the designers who partner with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

In 2013, World Jewelry Facets brought its unique collection of superb jewelry pieces to many members of the media, opinion makers and customers. More than 50 designers representing 18 countries worldwide were inspired by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create the dazzling collection of jewelry pieces that went on display. Among them is Iskra Georgieva and her masterpiece “Savage Grace”.The emotion in creating it was provoked by the inspiration, derived from contemplating of the interaction between two of nature’s most impressive and contrast colours – Silver Night nad Rose Gold. Several nights of relentless work, several techniques used – One-hook knitting, Sewing, Soldering and Beading and 3463 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS – and the result is – SAVAGE GRACE.

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