Iskra Georgieva was born and raised in Lovech, Bulgaria. She graduated from the local school of Fine and Applied Arts. She began to create beauty during her childhood. Since 2005 Iskra lives and works in Sofia.
In April 2012 she opened her own gallery in Sofia, where she shows her paintings and handmade jewellery. One year after the opening of the gallery, her projects were followed by great success. Her jewellery has appeared in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Amica, Elle and others. Iskra herself was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Bulgaria in June 2013.
Iskra Georgieva was also nominated for “Woman of the Year” 2013 by Grazia magazine Bulgaria, in the category Fashion and Design. Iskra Georgieva’s designs took part in the World Jewellery Facets 2013 and 2016. Her masterpieces called “Savage Grace” and “Fairy Tale” were shown in Seoul, Shanghai and Paris to designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier. Camila Klein, Dyrberg / Kern, Andy Farrow, Chan Luu and Erickson Beamon.
Today Iskra Art Gallery is an online exhibition space created by a professional team, designers, photographers and stylists. The Bulgarian brand ISKRA is one of the most preferred brands for jewellery and art both in Bulgaria and abroad.


A tribute to the artistry and technical mastery of Swarovski crystal, World Jewelry Facets honors the vision of the designers who partner with the crystal maison.

"They Make Us Proud" Exhibition

An exhibition illustrating the people that make Bulgaria proud. Paper and oil paint collages portray famous Bulgarian sportsmen.


Iskra Georgieva and her masterpiece “Savage Grace” brought her unique collection of superb jewelry pieces to many members of the media, opinion makers and customers.